Twestival At M:2, When The Twitterati Crowd Decides To Play With Socialites On Club Row

by Rachelle Hruska · February 13, 2009

    [The College Humor crew is REALLY EXCITED to be at M:2! Photo by Nick McGlynn]

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    It's always fun to see people out of their elements.  For me, last night was a special chance for socialites part of Scott Harrison's Charity:Water crowd to mix with the Social Media fameballs tech nerds, as well as the nightlife fixtures.  Twestival was the event that brought them all together at M:2 (that's Mansion) and raised $22,500 for the charity (with that money they can build 4.5 wells and provide clean water for 1,800 people).  Here's what Kate Miltner had to say about the event:

    More story and photos  below...

    On the fourth night of Social Media Week, the parties gave to me: a charitable cause, $16 drinks, and a club full of Twitterati. Last night was NYC Twestival, one of over 150 events worldwide that invoked the social conscience of social media to raise money for charity:water, an organization whose mission is to provide clean water to the 1.1 billion people on the planet without it.

    "Everyone I talked to had an awesome time," said CNET journalist Caroline McCarthy, one of the event organizers. "The whole thing was put together in a matter of weeks, and seeing it all fall into place was amazing. Charity events are thought of as so inaccessible and exclusive; everyone seemed very psyched that this was something we could all be a part of."

    And many, many people took part. Approximately 1,000 tickets were sold to the event, which was held at Chelsea club M:2. Party goers danced to the video mashups of Eclectic Method, while large water jugs surrounding them reminded them of why they were there. Included among the revelers were many of the internet's most prominent personalities, including CollegeHumor writers/TV stars Ricky Van Veen, Streeter Seidell, Dan Gurewitch, Sarah Schneider, Patrick Cassels, and Jake Hurwitz, NonSociety's Meghan Asha and Mary Rambin, Fishbowl NY's Glynnis MacNicol, Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss, Tumblr founder David Karp, Iminlikewithyou's Charles Forman, SocComm founder Jeff Pulver, Shorty Awards founder Greg Galant, Pop17's Sarah Austin, Clusterstock's Joseph Weisenthal, Charitini's Rachel Sklar, Rex Sorgatz, and Peter Feld. Socialites Emma Snowdon-Jones, Rachelle Hruska, Vanessa Bokaemper, Stephanie Wei, (who after just starting her own Tumblr was beyond excited to meet David Karp), and Summer Rayne Oakes along with Twestival organizer Toby Daniels.

    The only drawback to the evening was the exorbitant drink prices: as The Barbarian Group's Rick Webb tweeted, "I don't mean this in a mean way, but if you need to raise $100k in this town in a day, just email us. It would save us all the $20 G&Ts."

    Caroline McCarthy and Soraya Darabi

    Mary Rambin and Rex Sorgatz

    Meghan Asha, Rachel Sklar, Stephanie Wei, Rachelle Hruska

    Charles Forman

    David Karp