It's @MC_Hammer Time At The Shorty Awards!

by Rachelle Hruska · February 12, 2009

    [Stephanie Wei, MC Hammer (!), Rachelle Hruska, Rachel Sklar. Photo via Rachel Sklar]

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    Last night, the Shorty awards took over the Galapagos space in Dumbo, and for me that meant one thing, a chance to meet @MC_Hammer in real life!  For those of you that are lost, the Shorty awards are the Oscars for Twitter. (Get it-because Tweets are short, thanks Andrew!).  My group included the lovely Rachel Sklar (@rachelsklar), Andrew Cedotal (@acedeotal), Cameron Winklevoss and Stephanie Wei (both who have not caught on to the Twitter bug yet).  We spent a lot of time outside trying to get in, but of course, it was well worth the wait, and I don't mean the part about the award ceremony...

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    I mean, of course the chance to be up close and personal to both MC Hammer and CNN's Rick Sanchez. Rachel got some great video of MC and his latest project, which we will have up on gofg later today.  Stephanie was ecstatic that Rick was there, mostly because she wanted to ask him for a job.

    [The Line to get in]

    The room held 300 people, many more didn't get in and decided to head to Re-Bar instead.  When we finally got in we met up with Justin Shaffer (@shafferj), Soraya Darabi (@sorayad)  and others as we watched the Shorty Award founders (Lee Semel, Greg Galant, and Adam Varga) had out awards to the year's best Twitterers including Yiying Lu.  I hate to admit this, but I had zero clue what was going on during the show.  All I cared about was meeting MC, my childhood rap star.  (FYI, @BritneySpears, it's never too late to reinvent yourself, take it from @MC_Hammer).  We finished up our night with drinks on the other side of the bridge at The Thompson Hotel.