This Influencer Is Raising Money For Her Uber Driver After She Got Robbed At Coachella

by Millie Moore · April 29, 2022

    It's not exactly a groundbreaking sentiment to be exhausted by influencers getting cancelled. How many more times must we endure the same tedious cycle? Whether it's unearthed toxic tweets or bullshitting your way into a college that's already known for accepting million dollar checks as applications, we see the same pattern every time: an apology from the Notes app, a tearful video apologizing for the underwhelming previous apology, a Call Her Daddy interview weeks later where Alex Cooper lobs softball questions and they take almost no accountability, and the launch of a thousand thinkpieces on the whole scandal. 

    It's been done to death and then it's all for naught because those influencers refuse to die. So, let's talk about some good an influencer is doing - because believe it not, there are a lot of good eggs out there!

    Becca Moore, who is essentially April Ludgate if she were a sorority drop-out, is famous for her deadpan roasts of the sketchy DMs she gets from guys, her ongoing feud with her arch nemesis Jonathan Cheban (same, girl, same) and, well, her own mom (IYKYK). This past weekend, she got her phone, keys, and credit card stolen by a hot guy that was chatting her up at Coachella. Stranded, she had no way of contacting anyone and went AWOL. Luckily, her hotel paid for an Uber to go get a new phone, and well, you'll just have to watch Becca's TikTok. It's a rollercoaster of a story.

    So, to skip ahead a bit, while having margs with her Uber driver Raul, Becca learned that both his teenage daughter and his father are both going through chemo. Obviously, this is devastating for the family, and Becca wanted to help. She has set up a GoFundMe to raise money for Raul's family and has raised over $47,000 already. You can donate HERE and follow Raul on TikTok as well! 

    Anyways, we wish the Torres family all the best, and fingers crossed for a Becca-Raul buddy cop comedy in the future!

    [Photo via @becccamooore]