Meet Hannah Stella, NYC's Chic Bonne Vivante Turned TikTok It Girl

by Stephanie Maida · September 17, 2021

    Hermès unboxings, socialite secrets, and sharp, unfiltered commentary on everything from dating to etiquette? Clearly, Hannah Stella is a TikTok It Girl very much after own heart. 

    The self-described "professional dinner party guest and bonne vivante" serves up an inside look at her well-curated world along with juicy social scene history and life advice - all with a delightful dose of straight-faced humor one would expect from their wittiest friend. It's seriously no wonder she's earned a loyal following of over 132,000 on everyone's (not so) new favorite social media platform. 

    When she's not jetting off on fabulous European vacations or spending time in her beloved Ketchum, Idaho, you can find Hannah Stella living her best life in NYC (where, of course, some of her best cultural observations are gleaned). 

    We caught up with our TikTok fave to chat content-making, fashion, and the one place she'd never be caught dead in the city. 

    First things first, when are you going to trademark "New York Housewife With No Kids"?
    I feel so lucky to be enjoying this time in my life and I love having the freedom to travel and hang out with my husband and sort of explore my passions. All of that to say, do you know a good IP lawyer?

    What do you think is the biggest difference between creating content for TikTok vs Instagram?
    For me, video content is more fun and lets me express my personality more. I am not any good at photo editing and so TikTok feels much more organic. When you hear somebody speak and see their gestures on TikTok, I think you get to know them in a way that Instagram still pictures don’t really allow!

    How has your approach to TikTok evolved since you first joined the platform?
    I have become a lot more comfortable talking to my phone and I think what you see now is more authentic and less stiff.

    Take us through your most on-brand day in NYC:
    Sleep a bit too late, hang out with my husband until he heads to work, coffee, blow out, manicure (I’m super into neutral polish on natural nails now, I did crazy nail art for years but now I’m over it) a facial at Rescue Spa or a work out, a quick lunch thrown in there, quick drink at home with my guy and then dinner out with him and or friends, getting home later than I intended when I left home.

    What's the one spot you would never be caught dead in the city?
    200 West Street.

    Per your TikTok bio, what makes the perfect dinner party guest?
    I think the ideal dinner party guest engages, asks questions, encourages a good time, and comes armed with some stories.

    Hot take time: What's one social etiquette rule that should always be broken?
    Etiquette is all about making the people around you feel comfortable! Break them all if it’s going to help guests and friends feel at ease.

    You know we're here for your socialite history lessons. If you could raid one society queen's closet, whose would it be?
    Nan Kempner, of course. A true icon!

    In your opinion, what's one overrated fashion status symbol and one that's worth the splurge?
    I love an Hermès scarf or bag - I think their quality is second to none. Balenciaga sneakers aren’t for me.

    And finally, what's the personal motto you live by?
    You can have anything you want but you can’t have everything you want.