Guys, I have a shameful announcement. After managing to avoid joining TikTok throughout an entire quarantine spent inside my home, the Gemini urge to stick my nose into other people's (rather innocuous) drama has caused my downfall. It is September 2021 and I have officially made a TikTok account because of one "Victoria Paris." 

Yes, my blissful ignorance of all the goings on of Gen Z influencers has swiftly come to an end all due to this boring/fascinating/kind of funny/very cute TikTok It Girl and the bizarre viral hashtag claiming that she's been on a ruthless blocking spree on her way to the top. I needed to learn more and alas, I've learned too much. 

Click through for an explainer and, Victoria, please don't block me because now I'm kind of obsessed with you!

[Photo via @victoriaparis]