This 19-Year-Old TikToker Documents Life In Her Family's Italian Castle

by Stephanie Maida · April 23, 2021

    Ever wonder what it's like to live in a 10,000-square-foot, 12th-century castle? Turn off the period piece and head to TikTok.

    Ludovica Sannazzaro, a 19-year-old Italian student, is living out a real-life fairy tale at Castello Sannazzaro, a sprawling medieval estate that's been passed down in her family for centuries. The performing arts student, who has been forced to continue her studies at LA's American Musical and Dramatic Academy remotely, launched a TikTok account during the pandemic to help drum up tourism and offer followers an inside look at her fascinating family residence. 

    Her account, which has earned hundreds of thousands of followers and millions of views, features videos of everything from the castle's stunning ballroom to the treasure trove of discoveries found in its library. A performer at heart, Ludovica even dresses up to stage dramatic scenes and recreate moments from Bridgerton. Uh, yeah, we're jealous.

    And while we can't all be lucky enough to actually, like, live there, we do have some good news. Castello Sannazzaro doubles as a bed and breakfast, and is open to visitors for tours, stays, events, and more! 

    Whenever Italy starts letting Americans back in, we know what our first stop will be...