ArtWalk NY Party: A Toast To A Better Future

by CHRISTINE LAI · July 2, 2010

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    The Coalition for the Homeless celebrated it's 16th annual ArtWalk NY Event with a cocktail party at Michael's Restaurant. The money raised by the event will be used towards the Coalition for the Homeless' cause, which is to end the homeless crisis in the city and also to honor New York's artists.-

    The evening was sponsored by Time Out New York and had a plethora of guests who were art collectors, artists, curators, and New Yorkers. Some of the notable individuals there were Vogue's Valerie Boster, Huffington Post's Danny Shea, Sarah Basile, Martin Dawson, and Kristian Laliberte. One of the main features of the evening was the artwork done by Alix Smith called "Arranged Appearances I". The piece was won by publicist Susan Shin. Other paintings and drawings lined the restaurant's walls and were also available for purchase. The event kicked off the Artwalk's pre-eminent events for the fall.

    Not only did it kick off the future parties for the Coalition, but it also kicked off our future generations drinking habits.

    It may seem like water but really it's vodka tonic in those glasses. Cheers children!