7 Absolutely Ridiculous Missed Connections

by Courtney McGowan · February 24, 2012

    You know the guy who stares at you every morning on the E train? Or perhaps the creepily intense stranger that talked to you for 15 minutes on the giant line that is Whole Foods last Thursday? Ever wanted to grab some coffee and be murdered by them? Well, dear, you're in luck.  Chances are you can organize a fun get-together with your would-be killer on Craigslist- a place for casual encounters, dog walkers, aforementioned serial killers, used futons, and the ever popular, ever terrifying, Missed Connections.  Here are 7 bizarre personals that will probably make you live in fear from here on in. [Photo via]

    1. My Kind Of Girl

    2. With Such Fury

    3. Sara Bareilles

    [Editor's Note: Nice try, Sara Bareilles.  Your music is still awful]

    4. Love Nest

    5. Squanto Meets Mime

    6. Angel

    7. Pride