Buy Samantha Ronson On Craiglist!

by guestofaguest · June 19, 2009

    Samantha Ronson...Or at least her facebook account. For a cool $1mil, you could be the proud owner of the domain:; a url valued at approximately negative $150k (I came to this figure by figuring how much time of your life would be wasted as the owner of this account, using $100/hr as the valuation of your time). To be fair, the ad says "or best offer," we are in a recession after all. A tip to the sellers:

    Haven't you heard that Lohan is broke? As your #1 chance at bidding on this, maybe you should consider other perks to handing her the url, like free shirley temples at Dune?

    Anyway, the ad's below, we wish you the best of luck: