Freegans Are Out, Cavemen Are In

by Chiara Atik · January 11, 2010

    If you thought the "cavemen" jokes on Geico Commercials were getting tired, be prepared for a fresh new crop of them. Meet the newest New York Subculture: guys and girls who won't eat food that developed after the Paleolithic period.

    I mean, I knew New York Men were primitive, but not THIS primitive, ba bum shiing!

    These modern cavemen binge on meat and then fast to best replicate the eating patterns of thousands of years ago. And, if you're leisurely jogging along the West Side Highway and see a guy sprint, roll, or jump by you as if being chased by a mastadon, don't be too alarmed; it's just a caveman exercising.

    There are about 10 cavemen living in New York, and one brave, lone cave woman (do they share her?) The theory behind the "lifestyle" is that the human body evolved for a hunter-gatherer lifestyle, and not for the junk that we pollute it with every day. Which is a fair point, except cavemen had a life expectancy of like, 27 years old.

    The Paleo movement is just the latest in a series of fad diets and lifestyles, the most recent of which was the Freegan movement, made famous by the disappearance of Hannah Upp. Freegans, if you remember, are the charming folks who dig through dumpsters to find meals, and refuse to utlize anything store bought.

    Ah, New Yorkers! Can't wait to see what crazy lifestyle they come up with next!

    [All images via New York Times]