Ghostbusters Invade The Public Library, New Yorkers Could Not Care Less

by Chiara Atik · May 19, 2010

    Everyone knows that New Yorkers are famously nonplussed...but THIS nonplussed? Improv Everywhere staged a surprise enactment of "Ghostbusters" in the reading room of the Public Library, but even the sight of uniformed men running after ghosts couldn't get some New Yorkers from looking up from their laptops.-


    First, take a look at the video.  Maybe not the most hilarious thing that Improv Everywhere has ever done, but if you were studying, you'd at least LOOK UP, right?

    Not these guys.

    Sure, there is a man in a sheet running behind him and a man dressed as a ghostbuster chasing hum, but that is NOT as interesting as this guy's text message.

    If she WANTED to watch unemployed actors make a scene, she'd head to Washington Square Park, ok?

    Note the proximity between the ghost and the girl, and the UTTER CONCENTRATION she is putting into not looking up. Actually NO ONE in this picture is looking! The ghost is like "What do I have to do to get some attention around here!"

    This guy's like "What? Did something happen? Why are people clapping?"

    Not even people inexplicably running in the streets will get this lady to look up.