Mysterious Graffiti Is Ugly

by KRISTIN LUCIANO · August 4, 2008

    graffitiGraffiti: that cherished urban art form, juvenile delinquent time-killer and means of political and social protest, is one that generally goes unnoticed by the masses. Whether it be on the walls of an abandoned building or a dilapidated subway station, most people find it easy to simply ignore the the colorful bubble letters and illegible black chicken scratch scrawled all over our city. And so did I...until now.

    After spotting the phrase "Neck face is ugly" throughout Soho and the Lower East Side, I've been wondering what in the world this could possibly mean. Here are some of my hypotheses:

    1. There's a person named Neck Face who is ugly.

    2. Maybe the graffiti artist thinks that people who have flabby/wrinkly faces that look like old peoples' necks are ugly.

    Well, that's really all that I've come up with. I've never come across graffiti that has pestered me as much as this, so please, if you know what it means, let us know in comments!