Need A Handyman? Go On Craigslist. Need A HOT Handyman? Go Here...

by Chiara Atik · August 25, 2010

    Don't you hate it when your roof leaks, so you call a handyman, and he's not hot? Like, what's the POINT? Luckily, there's a new website that takes care of this problem:

    HottandHandy (the superfluous "t" is never explained...)  describes itself as,

    "A niche company providing beautiful handy men for home or office..."

    Ok, so is this an escort service?

    "Yes you can hire the ordinary company that has blah blah service people...but why?"

    ...To fix things?

    "...when you can sit around watching some of the sexiest men in your city wash and dry your clothes, hook up your new computer or audio system in your office/home, water your plants and do much more (services pertaining to the list provided on this website obviously)."

    Riiiight....but is it an escort service?

    We clicked on the website's "Services" tab to try to figure it out, but unfortunately even those left us questioning....

    Assistant for the day


    Tighten a faucet

    Package delivery

    Other misc handyman work

    .... it's totally an escort service.

    There's a section of the site that lets you peruse some of the New York Handymen.

    Doug Porter, for instance, will come clean your home dressed like he's about to go on a fox hunt in the Scottish Highlands.  When not "landscaping", Doug works as a model, and was actually in this April's Vogue.









    Another handyman on the list is Gage Cass, who keeps warm while shirtless with knit caps and scarves. Gage is also a model/actor. Gage's extensive (extensive!) autobiography mentions his acting training, his dance and gymnastics background, his martial arts experience, and his credits as screenwriter, photographer, director and editor--but makes no mention of his handyman skills! He's definitely hot and multi-talented, but can he really fix faucets?

    The concept seems to be a little too Sex And The City-esque---we'll be sticking to our beloved Mr.Wong here at 149 Bowery. He hasn't appeared in Vogue (yet), but he can fix a leak like nobody's business.