No Scatological Humor On The Subway, Please

by LAUREN BELSKI · March 24, 2008

    cottonelle ads9:30 am. Coffee steaming from my grip as I blink back the sleep deprivation accumulated from an overactive weekend. The F train screeches into the station. Standing room only, as per usual. Mostly the clean smells of showers, hair product, and the occasionally ill-advised dollar store perfume spritz. Then, the inevitable. Some foul odor from some anonymous, hateful bottom. And the only thing staring at me from all angles are these stupid Cottonelle ads. Their slogan? “Be Kind to Your Behind.” One of their banners reads, “Too much Fiber?” The irony was overwhelming. As was the stench. Needless to say, I am not a fan of these ads. Booooo.

    Photo via NY Times