No Fuglies Welcome! Only The Best Looking People Allowed At The Tiffany & Co. Launch Of True Love In NYC

by Chelsea Burcz · January 26, 2012

    When a little email popped up in our inbox yesterday evening stating that the Tiffany & Co. Launch of True Love event was "canceled," but that any "models" who were already on the guestlist could still attend (with their model friends, of course), we were a little surprised (and we weren't the only ones) with Epic Group's frankness. Better yet, they then sent a "retraction," correcting that not only models, but the best looking people in general would be admitted (model or not). Wait, what?

    Here's the first official email (bolds, typos and all):

    From: Michael James/Epic Group Date: Wed, Jan 25, 2012 at 4:25 PM Subject: Our list for the Tiffany's event is cancelled To: GuestofaGuest

    Due to an overwhelming response for the Tiffany Event tonight, they have pre-wristbanded their VIP's due to capacity and fire marshall issues. They will not be able to grant acces to my guests at Tiffany & Co. this evening.

    Any models who rsvp'ed will be admitted to the event, but they cannot bring any guests unless thier guests are models too.

    We apologise for your inconvenience.

    Everyone who RSVPed for Tiffany will, however, be on Michael James' list for the following 2 events tonight:

    1. 9pm - Red Carpet video release party for Gabrielle Borromeo at the Empire Room with a special guest DJ set by Lady Gaga's DJ Lady Starlight, and sponsored by Star Vodka. The Empire Room in the Empire State Building - 29 West 33 Street

    2. 10pm - Special guest DJ Rakim (of rap duo Erik B & Rakim) at The Griffin, 50 Gansevoort

    But wait it gets better, the "retraction"... but not really:

    From: "Michael James/Epic Group" Date: January 25, 2012 8:10:17 PM EST To: GuestofaGuest Subject: Correction re: Tiffany event Reply-To: "Michael James/Epic Group"

    This is a message retracting the statement from the prior email that only models will be admitted and that their guests had to be models too.

    We have been informed that the best looking guests will be admitted wether they are models or not. Models can bring whoever they want to the event. We were worried that good people might be turned away at the door, but have been assured that the best looking people will have no problem.

    Well there it is, folks. None of that "we're at capacity" bullshit that PR people feed to the swarms of "normies" waiting -- rather simply, you're ugly.  I guess when you have the street style King and Queen photographers Scott Schulman and Garance Dore 'hosting' the event, you can't let in any ol' fashionista. With all the fuss about only letting the models/not models into the party, we did a little investigating to see just how model-esque the party was...

    Go HERE for more photos of the event!