Pink is the Joe Camel of thongs

by guestofaguest · November 1, 2007


    The Victoria Secret Holiday catalogue offers quite an interesting assortment from their Pink line including  bras, thongs, and other items including dress up dolls.  What?  Sorry did we just say dress up dolls?  Yup, that's correct, apparently offered in an effort to market to the teenie-bopper demographic.  Karen Heller's astute assessment of VS's contribution to the "slutification of America" gave us a good chuckle:

    Pink is the Joe Camel of thongs. The line is advertised in YM and Teen Vogue magazines, which boast 12-17 aspirational demographics. The success is in the bottoms. All you need to do is count the number of teens with "Pink" plastered on their rears, the word in the VS world being more suggestive than simply being a "girly-girl." What kind of parents are paying for these clothes, which give strangers the pleasure of reading their daughters' keisters?

    This brings us to the question, who the hell ever looked good with something written on their ass?  Maybe its the curvature of the human butt,  but words printed on the tush seem to NEVER render correctly.  And of course ass-prints, worn by girls in an effort to look older, ironically scream junior high.