Submit Your HighDEAs (Before You Forget)!

by Stanely Stuyvesant · April 10, 2009

    highDEA (high?idea) Pronunciation [hi-dee-uh, hy-deeuh] –noun An idea or insight a person has when they are high. For the duration of being high, it is a truly profound, original, and useful idea, but turns out the next day to make no sense, or be of any whatsoever.

    This site is a compilation of ideas stoners have had while high.  You can add yours (if you remember).  Like many of the ideas, the site itself is of no use whatsoever. My favorites are below. Happy Friday...

    Below are some actual submissions of ideas people had while stoned. (Notice how all of these have to do with FOOD):

    Lucky Charms cereal: OK, seriously General Mills? Who forgot to think of Lucky Charms, with just the marshmellows. None of the little crunchy pieces. Sure it would remove all nutritional value from the cereal, but it would be delicious. And we all love delicious.

    PIXIE STIX....BUT!: But the paper would be edible, so I don't have to worry about having a wad of fucking paper in my mouth when I get to impatient to siphon all the flavored crack out of those little tubes.

    New And Imprpoved Movie Theatre Butter Popcorn Application: Instead of bringing in a cup of butter to apply to your popcorn halfway through the movie when the butter-saturated top layers gives way to the dry, butter thirsty middle and bottom. Try this highDEA to minimize effort and maximize total butter saturation. Step 1. Apply butter to top of popcorn as you normally would. Step 2. Obtain a straw at your nearest soda vending machine. Step 3. Insert straw into popcorn bag. To desired depth of popcorn. (imagine you are drilling for oil) Step 4. Place the top of the straw directly under the butter spout. (a perfect fit i might add) Step 5. Dispense desired volume of butter to the specific region you stelected. Step 6. Move the straw around to different corners and depths of the bag. Dispensing more butter to each location. Until every nook and cranny of your extra large jumbo bag of popcorn is completely and evenly saturated. Step 7. Sit down and enjoy the show. Without having to pause to apply more butter via reserve cup, thus minimizing any unnecessary distractions during the movie and maximizing ultimate stoned popcorn eating bliss. ENJOY!!!

    Doritos POWder: A fine powder of Nacho Cheese Doritos flavoring. You can put it on buttered rice, toast, tortilla, burgers, steak, beacon, veggies, popcorn or Doritos, anything; accept fruity pebbles, but that is another powder, flapjacks, frenchtoast, etc.