The Homeless Museum Of Art: The World's Smallest Art Gallery

by Kristin Rachlin · July 16, 2012

    The Homeless Museum of Art is a great place to visit, however if you are a large group then you will have to skip this attraction because only two people can visit the museum at a time. Two plastic folding chairs sit in front of the small booth which functions as the reception desk, director's office and exhibition hall. The museum also has a staff of two "people"- Filip Noteradaeme, the museum's director, as well as Florence Coyote, a stuffed coyote who also acts as the museum's Director of Public Relations. As you sit and take in the museum exhibit, Noteradaeme will talk to you about art, as well as ask you questions that you may, or may not, have the answers to. This obscure and unique museum offers a new perspective on art, as well as an entertaining visit. Don't expect to keep the entrance tickets for your scrapbook though, because as soon at Noteradaeme hands you your entrance ticket- he asks for it back.

    You can visit the Homeless Museum of Art through July at the High Line near the 23rd Street Lawn.

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