The Paskowitzes Make A Hamptons Summer Share Look Like A Palace

by MADDY MADISON · May 20, 2008


    There's no way to describe the Paskowitz family without the words "mind expanding" and "emotionally scarring" springing to mind within the first two minutes of Surfwise, an upcoming documentary about the Paskowitz brood and their life beyond the RV (See YouTube above). Yes, the RV that contained all nine siblings, one of whom had to take turns getting the worst sleeping spot imaginable: at the foot of their parents' makeshift bed where they "did it every night" to an audience of their offspring. Cheaper than Twister!

    Lest you think the Paskowitz kids are bitter, a review of the ten minute trailer reveals that they seem to have escaped with their sense of humor (mostly) intact though I'd bet the films producers had to foot the therapy bills.

    The clan's patriarch, "Doc", enforced a strict regime of frugal living and surfing in lieu of plentiful meals and school. One man's child neglect is another man's grand social experiment! Seriously though, the grown children don't appear to harbor much resentment or misgivings about their upbringing and the film is a light-hearted glimpse into their fascinating early years as they came of age in a most unorthodox family.

    The best part of the trailer: Doc chose to limit the amount of clothing the children owned to one or two garments, so they discovered that while none of them could look very stylish on their own, if they pooled together their bell bottoms and Saturday Night Fever vests, one of them could look positively bitchin for at least an hour. Then little Mikey got tired of running around naked.