The Subway Car That Got TP'ed

by SAPPY WANDERER · May 12, 2008

    SubwayIf you ride along the S line, then chances are you already very familiar with this one train that has the entire car in this toilet paper theme where, aside from plastering every sign receptacle with a toilet paper ad, the very walls are sheeted with faux toilet paper wallpaper. I am sad to say that it does not feel as comfortable as it looks, nor that it actually does offer much more than the impression that your trip to work was nothing more than a dream and you actually are in an asylum, where the padded walls will protect you from harming yourself when you find out the truth. Sadly, there is no one to offer you sedative-laced pudding or confiscate your pointy instruments like an aforementioned asylum or at least a trip on a private jet with some drugged-up rock stars.

    I have to question the method behind the madness of this ad campaign. Firstly, as I mentioned before, this does not look like an ad for toilet paper, it looks like a display from the looney bin. Secondly, you do understand that the subways are home to a fair number of folks that would not give a second thought to making the train their person toilet, yes? Why offer them the encouragement to crowning the bottom-conforming seats of the subway with little brown strings of fecal release by making them think they can remove sheets of the wall and wipe their bum with it?

    Hey, while we’re at it, maybe we can make an ad campaign like the old Tootsie Roll commercials where children hallucinate everything is a chocolate taffy candy and begin to devour their world—they did devour mankind and all its creations, right?. All the same, I suppose it was a clever idea on paper, but I think we all know where this idea really went.

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