To Whoever Violated My Laundry...

by MADDY MADISON · May 29, 2008

    This is the opening line to a classic, passive-aggressive diatribe aimed, no doubt, at some (sorta) unsuspecting soul who accidentally on purpose decided that wet laundry in the washing machine would do better on the linoleum floor than in the spin cycle. The vast majority of us are veterans of shared space living situations from college or sibling-heavy houses. And if not, then as a New York City resident, you're a seasoned pro at it by now.

    Between roommate proximity, cramped office space, and sardine can subway rides, the impulse to inform your fellow companions that, um, yeah, you smell like fecal matter is touch to resist. This is where Passive Aggressive Notes comes in. You can live out your hostility fantasies vicariously or just gather new ideas for tomorrow's office bathroom poster. I know what it's like to have to go real bad, but women are scientificaly [sic] proven to be cleaner and do not use our bathroom if you are men [sic].' I removed the original ALL-CAPS version for the sake of your retinas.