What Hath Craig Wrought

by MADDY MADISON · March 26, 2008

    craigslistI'm not ashamed to admit that Craigslist has bestowed upon me great fortune: new apartments, mostly sane roommates, well-loved furniture, and months worth of missed connections to combat office-inflicted boredom. So it doesn't surprise me that Craigslist is equally popular in places like Oregon where they have a lot of clean air and the hardest drug is caffeine smuggled across the border from Seattle. In an interesting turn of events, an anonymous poster submitted a hoax ad on Craigslist claiming that an Oregon man's home and possessions were completely free of charge and ready to be taken to the first person with a pick-up truck and a dream. Once the man got home, he discovered over 30 people loading his belongings into their vehicles and were "relentless and refused to stop" ravaging his house.

    He "informed them I was the owner, but ...they showed me the Craigslist printout and told me they had the right to do what they did...They honestly thought that because it appeared on the Internet it was true. It boggles the mind."

    Craigslist is investigating the source of the ad which now has me wondering whether that "Free of Charge Brooklyn Heights Brownstone" ad might be smudging the truth a bit.

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