While we enjoy a good spooning…

by guestofaguest · October 10, 2007

    ...this seems like a bit much!


    [photo from msnbc]

    "Cuddle Parties".  They are becoming all the rage.  From east to west, people are PAYING MONEY to go to a party where they cuddle with other adults.  Founded by Reid Mihalko and Marcia Baczynski, Cuddle Party is devoted to throwing what they call "affectionate play events for adults."  Sound scandi?? It did to us, though with no alcohol served and certified "Cuddle Lifeguards" making sure that nothing sexual happens, the founders insist that their events are less about the hot and steamy and more about the warm and fuzzy.  Sounds like a PG-13 orgy fest to us.  Sorry, but we have enough trouble trying to KEEP people from touching us...this party sounds like something a therapist might give for PUNISHMENT.  However, several others are raving, on the site's "Cuddlemonials":

    "I must say I had a blast last Saturday. I see myself growing into a cuddle addict, is that part of the intention? Your parties release all the "AWESOME and totally addictive..."long-stored love and allow a safe and warm place to explore and express my inner brother and sisterhood voice!!! What a great high coming out of it! I feel like a teenager, when I discovered kissing!!! AWESOME and totally addictive..."

    - Sandy, New York City

    What? Sorry Sandy, but aren't most first kiss stories pretty uncomfortable and awkward?  Well, while we will be no-shows, it IS finally starting to get brisk outside here so maybe a little cuddling is something that will help warm your autumn nights.  We will admit that the signature Cuddle Party Puppy Pile finale looks kindof fun. Ruff!