Lords & Ladies Free To Tweet & Blog The Royal Wedding

by Mara Siegler · April 28, 2011

    The Royal wedding, taking place tomorrow,  is archaic by nature and sure to be filled with lots of outdated, yet time honored traditions. But while the monarchy may live in a gilded bubble of yore, they are modernizing William and Kate's wedding in a way Kings and Queens of the past could never even imagined. Guests are allowed to Tweet!

    There have been more news stories, blog posts, Tweets, specials, shows, TV movies, and bullshit news about this wedding than any other matrimonial happening. Chelsea Clinton's wedding got a ton of fan fare, but no where near the amount of press.  Guests were certainly not allowed to Tweet and blog the moment. It retained a sense of reality and of ownership and intimacy. Yes, the American public was invited to share in the Clinton's joyous occasion, but when it came down to it, it was Chelsea's moment.

    But this wedding is different;  it is the business of the country. Tax dollars are paying for it.  It actually makes sense that commoners and plebs get to take part interactively. But who would have thought the stodgy, old, fascinator sporting, white glove wearing ruling class would know how to Tweet?

    We've seen plenty of data and statistics about the growth of the social networking site and seen with our own eyes its affect on the world and how we receive news and communicate with each other. However, an invite to the Royal Wedding seems to officially signal that Twitter has arrived.

    You can also check out the Royal Wedding on the official site, their Facebook, YouTube, and of course, Twitter.