The GofG Wedding Party: Milla Jovovich Marries Paul Anderson

by Rachelle Hruska · August 24, 2009

    This weekend, actress Milla Jovovich married director Paul Anderson, in Beverly Hills. Their daughter, Ever Gabo Anderson made a beautiful flower girl (see photo at left). Among the 50 friends in attendance were Patrick Dempsey and his wife, Jillian; as well as some of our familiar NYC socials, Derek Blaseberg and Lyle Maltz, who tweeted during the ceremony (see below).

    Milla's dress was a long white satin Temperley London which she helped design, for the ceremony. And a latice work mini dress with bell sleeves (60's inspired) for the reception and dancing. This is Jovovich's 3rd marriage (her first was to Shawn Andrews when she was 16!), the second to Luc Besson. Third time's a charm?

    More photos and story below...


    Go HERE to read Derek Blasberg's account of the wedding.

    Milla Jovovich, Rosetta Getty, Joy Bryant. Photos by Derek Blaseberg

    The wedding took place at the couple's home in Beverly Hills

    @dizzyblazebergy (Derek Blasberg) 100% not shocking: Milla Jovovich prettiest bride ever. Long white satin for ceremony, latice work mini dress with bell sleeves for dancing.

    @monstermaltz (Lyle Maltz) Sunny LA morning, Milla Jovovich's wedding last night was like a fairy tale. She looked simply gorgeous in her Temperley London dress!