The Wedding Party

by Rachelle Hruska · December 16, 2008

    [Photo by Karen Cunningham for the NYTimes]

    Let's take a look at the weddings that made the headlines this week. Do you know of a fun, interesting wedding? Drop us a line and let us know about it!

    [Introducing Guest of a Guest's "The Wedding Party"]

    Jane Kallir and Gary Cosimini (pictured above).  Married on Nov. 29.  Jane, owner of Galerie St. Etienne in NYC met Gary in the 1970's when she was a student at Brown, adn he at the Rhode Island school of Design.  “You fall in love with someone and you only see the good things about them, and you get divorced and only see the bad,” Ms. Kallir explained recently. “Part of truly loving someone is seeing the good and the bad and loving them anyway.”

    Fun Fact: They both were married and each other!  Read about their remarkable journey HERE.

    More weddings below:

    Stacey Sarfatti and Rustin Paul: Married last Tuesday at Herbrew Union College.  Stacey is the director of brand management for Westin Hotels in White Plains and graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with a M.B.A. from Columbia.  Rustin is an associate in the NY office of Blank Rome law firm and graduated from Penn state with a law degree and M.B.A. from Temple.

    Tamar Shuldiner and Keith Levenberg: Married Sunday at the Pittsburgh Marriott City Center.  Tamar is the senior environmental engineer in Saddlebrook, NJ and also graduated from the University of Pennsylvania.  Keith is a commercial litigation associate at Chadbourne & Parke firm.  He graduated from Tufts and received a law degree from Columbia.

    Peter Watt and Gerard Cattie Jr.: Married Saturday at their home in Lyme, CT.  Peter is the VP for consumer marketing at InterMedia Outdoors and graduated from Middlebury College.  Gerard is a partner and managing director of Diversified Search Ray & Berndtson, an executive search firm.  He graduated from University of Pennsylvania.

    Spring Dautel and Sean McManus: Married Saturday in Atlantic Beach. Fla.  Spring works in NY for Haunch of Venison art gallery and gratuated from the University of Florida.  Sean is the executive editor of Big Think website and graduated from Washington and Lee University.