You Should Know: Alexander Vreeland

by guestofaguest · November 9, 2014

    Alexander Vreeland

    Alexander Vreeland, the grandson of the legendary, iconic fashion editor, Diana Vreeland, is an author who also holds the keys to the much sought-after DV estate. His new fragrance line launched September 3rd at Colette in Paris and pays homage to his grandmother.

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    Alexander VreelandAlexander VreelandAlexander VreelandAlexander Vreeland [Vintage jacket, shoes by Gucci]

    Occupation: Author and head of Diana Vreeland's estate.

    "I can do it."

    Alexander Vreeland Questionnaire

    What do you actually do all day? Launching a fragrance collection.

    Favorite song growing up? Wild Horses

    Why do you live in NYC? I love living here.

    Uber, Taxi, Subway, or Citi Bike? My own bike and subway.

    My motto is... I can do it.

    The last drink I had was... A glass of Bordeaux.

    Coming from? Going to? Back to the office.

    What is your favorite work of art? Calder