You Should Know: Julie Gilhart

by guestofaguest · September 3, 2014

Julie Gilhart

A fashion retail consultant, Julie Gilhart brings her expertise to LVMH and Amazon Fashion, amongst other companies. As Fashion Director at Barneys, Gilhart championed then-unknown designers like Proenza Schouler, Joseph Altuzzura, and Gareth Pugh.

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Julie GilhartJulie GilhartJulie GilhartJulie Gilhart [Dress by SUNO, sneakers by Saint Laurent]

Occupation: Fashion Consultant Instagram/Twitter: @green_flash_hunter, @juliegilhart

"Be open."

Julie Gilhart Questionnaire

What do you actually do all day? Advise... connect...create...investigate...brainstorm...execute...dream of ways to help the planet.

Favorite song growing up? "Wild Horses" by The Rolling Stones

My biggest secret is... I love a rave!

Why do you live in NYC? Karmic destiny

Uber, Taxi, Subway, or Citi Bike? Citi Bikes make me happiest.

My motto is... Be open.

My alter ego is... Kelly Slater

The last drink I had was... a mojito in Ibiza

My secret crush is... Yvon Chouinard

What was your first job? Scooping ice cream at Baskin-Robbins

If you had one day left in NYC what would you do? Sail around Manhattan with dear friends and have a dance party picnic after in Central Park.

Coming from? Going to? Neue House-Neue House

Who should we know? Susan Rockefeller