You Should Know: Singer Lily Lane

by guestofaguest · October 7, 2014

Lily Lane

Lily Lane is a Boston-born, talented singer and songwriter who's song, "Nothin' But Trouble," made it to the small screen on ABC Family's hit show, Pretty Little Liars. Lily's also performed at numerous events throughout the city and the Hamptons, including at DKNY and Hannah Bronfman’s Memorial Day Weekend Dinner to support Ovation Cancer Research Fund. Keep up with all the latest Lily Lane news on her personal site, and read on for more reasons to know her!

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Lily Lane [BCBG skirt, Alice & Olivia top, Ralph Lauren jacket, Lily Lane/Bar III]

Occupation: Singer Instagram/Twitter: @lilylane, @lilylanemusic

"Be you - everyone else is taken."

Lily Lane Questionnaire

What do you actually do all day? Wish I was sleeping (just kidding!) Soul Cycle, write music and text constantly.

Favorite song growing up? "Chain of Fools" - Aretha Franklin.

My biggest secret is... The only reason I don't get more tattoos is because I know my mom would freak.

Why do you live in NYC? Because it beats LA every time.

Uber, Taxi, Subway or Citi Bike? Subway

My motto is... Be you - everyone else is taken.

My alter ego is... A gangsta rapper (I wish I was just kidding!)

The last drink I had was... White wine last night at the Kiehls/Amfar event.

My secret crush is... Tom Hiddleston

What was your first job? Modeling for local stores in Boston.

Coming from? Going to? Soul Cycle - Jane Hotel - Last Weekend" movie premiere.

What is your favorite work of art? Degas - Little Dancer of 14 Years.

Who should we know? Rich White Ladies because their song "Wimbledon" got me out of bed this a.m.