"Best 2K I Ever Spent" Steve Aoki Gives Champagne Showers From A Mother F%$king Boat

by Mara Siegler · April 12, 2011

Steve Aoki brought his electro dance mania to fans at Roseland Ballroom this past Saturday. He offered up what looks to be inflatable sex dolls, showered people with champagne, let confetti fly, and gave a whole new meaning to crowd surfing with the use of an inflatable float.

If one thing can be said with absolute certainty, Steve Aoki likes to put on a show with all the bells and whistles. Here he is giving hot, sweaty, thirsty fans some relief.

He's got confetti:

He's got Jesus lighting:

Paired with the 'worship me' pose of a true rock star:

Can you guess which is the inflatable sex doll?:

And this, the best idea of all time. No one can tell me this isn't genius and much safer than just hurling your body out there unprotected. As a small female I abstain from the crowd surf as a rule. Things get poked and grabbed that require dinner and a movie and actual feelings in order to have that kind of access. I also hate when others crowd surf because a knee in the face or being crushed by the body weight of a man three times my size just isn't fun no matter how drunk I am.  I am positive I'm not the only one who feels this way.  The boat serves as a remedy to all these issues-it's a barrier to involuntary/intentional molestation and protects the lifter against angular body parts.

I'm King of the World!!

All in a day's work.

[Images Via KirillWasHere]