The Calm Before the Storm

by guestofaguest · June 27, 2007


    Apple Store, 5th Avenue stairs 

    Yesterday, Kelly Clarkson did a show on the General Motors Building Plaza outside the 5th Avenue Apple Store. Today, The Fray is there performing...humidity aside, it is becoming a semi-Disney-World-like environment on that plaza.  This iPhone hoopla is getting out of control.  We remember when people frequented that plaza for a casual lunch date, or a breeze through the Apple store with their pooch (see arrow), asking questions entirely unrelated to that phone:


    There was little to report on that day save for the woman wearing that god awful scruncie and the boy looking at porn:


    We won't dare check out the sceen inside the store today or for a considerable period after the release of the phone that is supposedly going to turn our world upsidedown this Friday...