[Sylvester Stallone, Sophia Rose] [Zoe-Bleu Sidel] [Celine Buckens]

If you thought debutante balls were only for Gossip Girls and princesses, then think again. 21 lucky girls got to play dress up this past weekend at the 20th Annual Bal de Debutantes, held at Paris' Hôtel de Crillon. As one of the most exclusive and prestigious Deb balls in the world, it should come at no surprise that the guest list was as close to social royalty as it gets. Some of this year's inductees included Sylvester Stallone's eldest daughter Sophia Rose, actress and model Christa Brittany Allen, and Rosanna Arquette's daughter Zoe-Bleu. The Crillon ball is about the high fashion, with girls donning Haute Couture gowns from some of the world's biggest fashion houses. From Dior to Gaultier, click through to see some of our favorite looks of the night.