How Zac Posen, Usher, The Selby, And Other Scenesters Spend Their Sundays

by Chiara Atik · October 12, 2010

    We all know the "Sunday Routine" section of the Sunday Styles, wherein our favorite New Yorkers divulge their preferred way to spend a Sunday. Turns out, French Vogue has a similar feature, Le Dimanche De. And they interview cool people! We put our (rusty, high school) French to the test to share some highlights with you...-

    Le Dimanche D'Andre (Saraiva)

    On Sunday, he drinks: Water, only.

    On Sunday, he wears: Nothing.

    On Sunday, his guilty pleasure is: "I feel more guilty about what I did the night before..."

    His perfect Sunday is: Sleeping all day.

    On Sunday, he wants to wake up next to: Annabelle.


    Le Dimanche De Zac Posen

    On Sunday, he watches: PBS or Food Network

    On Sunday, he drinks: Sakura Green Tea (cherry flavored)

    On Sunday, he sees: It's generally the only day in which I don't see anyone.

    On Sunday, his guilty pleasure is: To stay alone in his apartment.


    Le Dimanche De Margherita Missoni

    On Sunday, she wears: Cashmere

    On Sunday, she eats: Anything that's made at my Grandmother's house. The food varies based on the season and all comes from her garden. Last week I had mushroom risotto, cucumber beignets (the last of the season!), and plum sorbet.

    On Sunday, she drinks: Red Wine

    On Sunday, her guilty pleasure is: To take a bath that lasts hours.


    Le Dimanche De Todd Selby

    On Sunday, he wears: JCrew shorts, Cole Haan leather shoes, Tye and Die tshirts bought from The Cobrashop on Hollywood Blvd in LA.

    On Sunday, he eats: "I go to Il Buco at least once a week for it's fabulous Italian-Mediterranean food. Otherwise, I adore the crepes at Falai when I've been at the pub. I only eat them then, and therefore they seem extra delicious. Otherwise, I eat whole grain rice and vegetables."

    On Sunday, his guilty pleasure is: "Buying myself an ice cream at Laboratorio Di Gelato."

    His perfect Sunday: My friends around a table.


    Le Dimanche De Usher

    On Sunday, he wears: "In the mornings, I just wear my boxers and a tshirt. Sometimes I'll wear real pajamas with pants and shirt."

    On Sunday, he eats: "It's the day that I cook for my kids. I make them a brunch, some eggs, some toast and a few desserts. I love making cakes, I even wanted to be a pastry chef for a while."

    On Sunday, he watches: Cartoons.

    On Sunday, he drinks: Sangria

    On Sunday, he'd like to wake up next to: Salma Hayek. Michelle Pfeiffer would be in the kitchen, making breakfast.

    [Translated from French Vogue]