Woodkid Performs Live At The Eiffel Tower, Paris

by Alexandra Remise · January 25, 2012

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    Though it seems that the satellite "bit the dust," to use Noisey.com's (VICE's new music channel) own terms, and therefore prevented the audience from all over the world to enjoy the live streaming, Woodkid's first concert at the 1st floor of the majestuous Iron Lady (the Eiffel Tower, not Margaret...) was a huge success.

    According to the hundred of happy fans who acclaimed the first extracts of his upcoming and long-anticipated album, from the roaring "Iron" to the soft and wistful "Brooklyn", it seems like Yoann Lemoine's career as Woodkid will be as brilliant as his career as music video director. Hosted by Jean Charles de Castelbajac (the designer behind Lady Gaga's Kermit dress), and with friends Yelle, Uffie or Pascal Montfort in the house, the event will be broadcasted, this time for good, on www.noisey.com/live , today January 25th at 3pm EST/9pm CET.

    The event was hosted by Special Engagements, which takes awesome bands and puts them in a unique location for a performance as the fans call the shots and help shape the show.

    [Jean Charles de Castelbajac]

    Article & Photos: Alexandra Remise / www.tendaysinparis.com