Diddy's Son, Justin Dior Combs, Celebrates His Sweet Sixteen

by Chiara Atik · January 25, 2010

    Diddy's son, Justin Dior (DIOR.) Combs, celebrated his sixteenth birthday on Saturday night at M2, proving to young teens across America that it's actually really, really, really good to be the son of a media mogul. You know. In case anyone was wondering.-

    We cover a lot of elaborate parties for the younger set on this site, from Bonnie Fuller's daughter's Bat Mitzvah to Serena Bancroft's "Just Because" party with Tinsley Mortimer. But despite the astronomically extravagant standard for New York City kid parties, Justin Dior's bash probably takes the cake.

    First of all, there were huge (huge!) banners of his FACE hanging everywhere.

    Secondly, party guests included Lil'Kim in a bustier, and how many sixteen year olds can swing that by their mom?

    The caption for this picture was written on the original source as "Justin Dior Combs is pictured with Quincy Brown (his bonus brother), Lil'Kim, Sean "Diddy Combs", and Christian Casey Combs." which naturally leads us to wonder, "WTF is a "Bonus Brother"?" God, rich kids get EVERYTHING.

    Not a child with no awareness to the monumental discrepancy between himself and other teenagers across the world, Justin Dior asked for donations to Yele Haiti instead of gifts, raising an impressive $10,000.

    But you gotta wonder if some small part of him saw that sum and thought "damn, I should have just taken the money..."

    Also, he got to reign over his party from a throne thing. With that girl. And while I don't know exactly what is going on between them, I do know two things: 1) She is 25 and he is 16. And 2)...

    I can definitely see her Spanx.

    And in case you think a world in which a sixteen year old gets to be thusly celebrated, it actually gets worse:

    You also live in a world where the cast of The Jersey Shore gets to party with Diddy.

    Ah, Justin Dior; it's good to be king.

    [Images via BCK and by Chance Yeh for PMc]