The Daily: "Who Invited Them?!" Green Girls Do Star Trek

by CAROLINA FRANCESCA · March 26, 2009

    Can you imagine how much "green love" these girls rubbed off on other people...seriously. Green with envy for these girls outfits'? Neither are we. The girls donned this kind of creepy and definitely not waterproof skin tone to celebrate the Banana Spilt's Star Trek Dance Party on Friday at LAX in Hollywood. Hosted by none other than  The Cobrasnake, this dance party proved to be truly outer space-esque. Check out more Star Trek Dance Party behavior below.... 

    Party don't?

    Steve Aoki with the green girls

    Must. Stay. Awake.

    Star Trek...not Rolling Stones...

    Mini Green Hulk??

    And then there was some break-dancing....90s much?