Vladimir Putin Thinks Kim Kardashian Is Public Enemy Number One

by Millie Moore · September 14, 2017

    People have called Kim Kardashian a lot of things. From fame wh*re and the worst thing to happen to pop culture, to genius and a member of America's first family. One thing she's never been called though? A chaos agent. And who's the one firing shots at her? Vladimir Putin's press secretary. Because we all know that if anyone is a template for morality, self awareness, and being in touch with reality, it's someone who is an ally to the most hateful man on the planet.

    Chances are you don't know what a chaos agent is and you believed that this dude was insinuating that Kim Kardashian is some sort of Charlie's Angel agent undercover. I know I did. But a chaos agent is defined in the dictionary as "a person who subscribes to the philosophy of 'be a part of the problem'" and "actively encourages civil disobedience and causes as much disruption to the average, regimented life of the typical person and tends to do so out of principle."

    The press secretary (named Dmitri because literally every Russian person is named Dmitri) launched a diatribe against Kim, saying:

    "This girl, from show business, Kim Kardashian...Let’s imagine that one day she says, ‘My supporters — do this.’ This will be a signal that will be accepted by millions and millions of people. And she’s got no intelligence, no interior ministry, no defense ministry, no K.G.B. The new reality creates a perfect opportunity for mass disturbances,” he said, “or for initiating mass support or mass disapproval.”

    Not bad for a girl with no talent.

    [Photo via @kimkardashian]