WTF Just Happened To Hillary Clinton's Instagram?!

by Jane Ninivaggi · July 19, 2016

    Perhaps the most captivating campaign activity of the season took place on Hillary Clinton's Instagram account these last few days as a group of 'activists' raided her photos with the comment "spicy boi." Spicy boi? Spicy boi. 

    The comments originated from a petition, with over 42,000 signatures, that aims to rename fire ants, "spicey boys" or "spicy bois," as it has been recently altered. Why change the name of the pesty, little creatures? Well, as the petition states, "It's 2016, there are 36 genders, bayblade might be a new Olympic sport, why aren't we calling fire ants 'spicey boys'?" While the petition was originally targeted towards President Barack Obama, Mark Zuckerberg, and First Lady Michelle Obama, it failed to take flight until some of the most dedicated internet trolls of this generation flocked to Hillary Clinton's Instagram. 

    With over 50,000 'spicy boi' comments on Clinton's photos, it's safe to say she hasn't been so confused since Benghazi. In fact, the top question typed into Google about Hillary Clinton yesterday was "What is Spicy Boi Hillary Clinton?" - on the other hand, one of the top searched questions about Trump was "What is Donald Trump's IQ?" Valid questions, America. 

    Although many of those searches were probably from Hillary herself, the general public has been desperately searching for an explanation to the spicy boi comments. Our best guess is that it's an attempt to dismantle the carefully constructed political personas of the candidates through relentless raids of their media platforms. Talk about changing the narrative of the election - #TeamSpicyBoi?!

    [Photo via @hillaryclinton]