The Racy Pippa Middleton Photos The Royal Family Doesn't Want You To See

by Mara Siegler · May 12, 2011

    Over the buzz of Prince William and Kate Middleton's honeymoon, has come "SCANDAL!!!" involving the royal-siblings-in-law. The Middleton's have filed a formal complaint to keep certain photos off the Internet , but as Julian Assange knows, things leak. Take a look at the "racy shots," below.

    Kate's brother James caused an Internet stir with photos of him mooning the camera, and there have been plenty of breathless whispers about "topless photos" of sister Pippa.

    Above are the photos of her "exposed." Snooze. This shot is probably leaving many a men thinking, 'We want to see the rest of her boob," rather than "hot." This is harmless. She's merely removing her bikini top while on a family vacation in Ibiza, Spain, a place where showing off a little flesh above the waist is considered normal. She's not baring them on a bar in front of Joe Francis. This is no big deal.  The Daily, which ran the photo below,  points out that "Prince William was along for the racy ride."

    Various pubs have bought the pics, snapped by a so-called family friend and are of course running wild with headlines.  Are you shocked by the pictures or are you shocked by the feeding frenzy that has surrounded Pippa. A Facebook page for her bum is one thing, but endlessly trying to dig up or capture a pic of her in some state of undress is another. The Daily even goes so far as to mention that while she is laying low for the moment, that fans can "rest easy: it's bathing suit season and this lady has no tan lines." [Image Via The Daily]

    The independent press commission will determine whether newspapers which published the photos have violated Middleton's privacy, or whether there are any "public right to know" issues which would justify publication, reports OTRC.

    The "friend," who sold the pics is probably to busy shopping to be worrying. A rep from leading photography agency X17Online talked to FOX about how much they probably made off the sales.

    "My best guess would be $25,000. I really don't think those ended up fetching as high a price as they could have – just from what I see from the way they were published. I first saw the pictures online, meaning the agency wasn't able to make an exclusive sale to a magazine. At the end of the day, totaling all worldwide licensing, I'd say these photos brought in less than $100,000, in part because the agency representing the photographer didn't strategize properly."