Actually Trying Out Oculus Is Better Than Listening to Zuck Talk About It

[Me with my husband, Sean MacPherson] What is Oculus like? Well it's like a 360 degree 3-D theatre experience, but better, if you can imagine that. Or if you're my husband, it's a nausea-inducing nightmare*. Take your pick. What is certain? It's much better trying out on your own than listening to people tell you about it. What did we learn from the Zuck about VR and AR (that's Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality for all you non-dweebs out there)? Well, it's coming, no it's here, and the technology is continuing to improve. What else did we learn from the Facebook founder? That Facebook is dedicated to providing every single human with the ability to connect online, because one billion is just the start. And based upon his machine gun-like monologue, Zuck's mind moves at the speed of light. [Michael Abrash, Mark Zuckerberg, Steven Levy] *As many as 10% of people experience nausea when wearing Oculus goggles. Oculus admits there are still some glitches
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