Having strange idiosyncrasies is basically a prerequisite for being recognized as a tech genius these days. Elizabeth Holmes had her fair share - how else do you think she fooled everyone in Silicon Valley?

But when it comes to Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, all of the weird habits seem to revolve around his health. Like to a worrying degree. And perhaps we should put "health" in quotation marks, because we're pretty sure fasting for entire weekends isn't that great for you.

What's even crazier, though, is that he's hardly keeping these "wellness" obsessions his dirty little secret. Dude openly brags about his self-inflicted two-hour feeding window and morning ice baths like some kind of sociopath who can't stop talking about CrossFit. We won't even get into the whole new beard situation going on. 

So, is he OK? Click through for an outline of @Jack's odd routines and decide for yourself.

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