“The Factory 2.o”, without Warhol

by guestofaguest · November 7, 2007

    "At the tender age of 23, she tries not to let her family's great wealth and illustrious history cloud her judgement." 


    We were NOT going to do a post on Lydia Hearst Shaw today.  We promised ourselves.  We just couldn't, wouldn't, shouldn't do it.  She's all over the media of course, after the interview she did with The Observer titled "Lydia Unleashed".  Gawker poked their fun twice, followed by NY Mag's Daily Intel, and then we're sure a host of other bloggers out there.  But then we actually read what she said about her gang "2.0" and saw the accompanying photo (shown above) and we just couldn't help ourselves.  Click on any of the above links to read the full reports on the interview, as we are just going to highlight the "2.0-ers",(including photographer Nadav Benjamin and musician long balled Cisco Adler, who she has recently been linked to romantically), shown above with their matching "key" tattoos.....bear in mind, we are not saying one word about this, we are just reporting it to you straight from the horses mouth... leaving you to make whatever judgements you should like on your own.  And now, Lydia Hearst as quoted in The Observer:

    “I would say my closest friends are probably the 2.0, It’s not about a clique, it’s just about a group of people coming together and it’s a lifestyle—it’s a bond. … So many young people are wrapped up in the party scene. The great thing about everyone in this group is, we all have real jobs, we get up in the morning. We work and that’s what brought us together…We are hardly ever apart. It’s all artists—everyone in that group is successful in their own right, whether it is music, fashion, art, photography, business. We don’t want to compare ourselves to the Factory, because you can’t have the Factory without Andy Warhol, but essentially it is like a new wave and it’s a new style of living, and we are all just riding the wave, we are all being inspirational to each other and we are helping each other out and we are always there for each other, and we are hardly ever separated for more than a day—each one of us has the same mentality, which is breaking free of the mold that is the stereotype of society and the way that we are expected to be.”

    Last month, the 2.0 gang went out and all got tattoos of a skeleton key; Lydia’s is on her inner right forearm. “The symbolism behind the skeleton key is that it opens every door and it’s bonded us together,” she said.