Trying To Be Quasi Normal

by guestofaguest · August 10, 2007

    We love it when socialites try and be normal (well at least quasi normal). This picture was taken at Nick Mele's 4th of July shin dig this year. Can you spot Byrdie Bell, Amanda Hearst, and Lisa Rockefeller? We like how they are at least trying to fit in with the other prepster graduates from Georgetown, GWU, Skidmore, the New School, Trinity, Emory, and Oxford.

    bell and hearst

    After all they are just like us...just with lots of money and title. One thing we never got about Amanda Hearst is how she gave up on Boston College to go to rush back to New York and finish up at NYU. She is going to spend the rest of her life going to social events in the City, why not try being a student in a collegial environment for a little while? Once you leave it, those years are gone, never to return again. In about 5 years, she is simply going to be a) jaded, b) married and jaded, or c) divorced and jaded.