Beyonce & Karl Lagerfeld Have The Apple Watch Before You (Duh)

Queen Bey and Kaiser Karl have a lot of things that we don't - castles (probably, right?), private planes, ever-expanding closets, Anna Wintour's personal flip phone cell number. And gilded Apple Watches. While a bunch of tech-savvy (or fashionable) geeks are set to receive their pre-ordered pieces today, most of us mere mortals will have to wait until June to purchase the smart watch at our local Apple store. Or not. We can always just accessorize vicariously through our favorite celebs, who've been exclusive iHolders of the timepiece of the future for weeks now. Sure, she has a flip phone, but Anna's got an Apple Watch. Click through to see all the cool kids with custom arm candy straight from Apple HQ (and please, try to contain your jealousy).

[Photo via @beyonce]