Can Your Smartphone Fix Your Skin Problems?

by Ramya Velury · June 26, 2012

    It's official. Our phones can literally do everything. Fujitsu Laboratories has created an application that can evaluate a user's skin condition, and in turn, help you learn the best products and treatments for your skin. Whether it's acne, blemishes, or pore size, the application can track the changes in your skin as they respond to certain products.

    While holding a color frame wheel to your skin, you take pictures with your phone. As the wheel adjusts to the various lighting, the phone stores the photos, and analyzes your skin. At the end of the analysis, the app gives you a score, allowing you to determine which products are helping and hurting your skin.

    This app is set to release later this year, with plans to incorporate an array of skin tones.

    Check out a clip on the app below!