Friday Tech Roundup!

by Rebecca Brunn · March 4, 2011

    Ditto predicts your future, The Great Gatsby gets a new fanbase, Dennis Crowley is tracking you on his GPS, Facebook knows who's hot for you, Barbie gets technosavvy and the Japanese are (predictably) designing the weirdest cell phone yet. Check out this bunch of updates for your weekend tech fix.

    1. Ditto, a new spinoff of Foursquare, lets you share your weekend plans with the world. Ditto is all about what you're going to do, rather than what you're doing right now, or what you've already done. You can declare what you're going to do (eat out, see a movie, go bowling, etc.) and where you're going to do it, but if you're not sure about either you can let your friends decide! Ditto encourages your friends to give you recommendations and ideas, which you can either follow or ignore depending on the friend and how you want that friendship to work out... Ditto's founder, Jyri Engestrom, sums it up this way:

    “It is simpler than Facebook, more fun that Twitter, and more useful than Foursquare”


    2. Somebody keeps breaking the internet. Following yesterday's WordPress fiasco, other, less-important internet sites like those for the CIA and South Korea also suffered severe malfunctions, leading many to believe that the ultra-shadowy hacker group Anonymous is back in action...[Gawker]

    3. Goto Guru, a new game on Facebook, pits your friends against each other and leaves you with a choice: Who would most likely survive a zombie attack? This and other questions (such as the standard "Dude, Sheen thinks you're a pussy and has you in a gnarly headlock. It doesn't look good. Your only chance of escape is finding someone who can 'speak his language.' Choose!" question) make you think harder about which people exactly you're hanging out with and which duels they would win. [Goto Guru]

    4. Japan has developed a cell phone that looks like a person, talks like a person, and tickles you when it rings. It's called Elfoid! [Engadget]

    5. New Facebook app tells your crush to dump their significant other for you. WaitingRoom, a new relationship application from Facebook, lets you indicate your burnin' love to that special someone but only reveals your identity when said special someone changes their relationship status to "single". [The Faster Times]

    6. Meet Craig! Craig Newmark, of Craigslist, that is. You know, that guy who got you that "modeling" job and helped you find your apartment? [The Faster Times]

    "Over a ten or twenty year period, I’d like to connect around seven or eight billion people for mutual benefit."

    That's a lot of people, Craig.

    7. 99.7% of human beings don't care about the iPad. (Or any other tablet.) You can make them as shiny as you want, Apple... [Gizmodo]

    8. Dennis Crowley, the founder of Foursquare, wants your phone to act autonomously by reminding you of that coffee you wanted at Randolph the moment you walk by it. [TechCrunch]

    "How can I walk around the city and have the phone come alive and remind me, ‘Oh this is a place you should go to lunch' or 'this is the place you read an article about 6 months ago.'"

    9. The Great Gatsby in 8-bits or less! For the bookworm in you that's still stuck in 1992, the classic novel got a makeover earlier this month when it was adapted into an NES game. You can play it HERE, but only if you've read the book! There are spoilers!! (But if you haven't read The Great Gatsby by now, for shame...) [The Faster Times]

    10. Yes, you can control your laptop with your eyes, if you're using the new Lenovo, that is. The first laptop with eye-tracking technology was unveiled this week, making hands a thing of the past. Early functions include switching between windows, clicking icons, and browsing email. [TechNewsWorld]

    11. Computer Engineer Barbie comes complete with pink smartphone, pink laptop, and powerhouse attitude that frightens male coworkers. "No wonder Ken dumped her..." [Coolest Gadgets]

    12. Electronic butterfly in a jar can now be purchased for $19.99 for your desk, shelf, coffee table, or child who's afraid of the outdoors. [ThinkGeek]

    13. The coolest alphabet you've ever seen was made out of 114 minimized photoshop windows that, when expanded, rainbowed the hell out of the ABC's. [Gizmodo]

    114.psd Type from Emilio Gomariz on Vimeo.