Know It All: A Guide To Staying On Top Of The Hotspots In Your City!

by guestofaguest · December 21, 2011

    What to know what’s newest club opening? The hottest bar? The best restaurant in your area? We have laid out some guidelines as well as technology to help you stay on top of the coolest, hippest scenes in your city!

    Rule #1: Stay On Top of What’s New There is constantly something new opening or launching. Stay on top of what’s new through various social media sites, and of course through! Our Nightlife Roundups, Party Guides, and Calendar are sure to help you stay on top of the hippest scenes. Also, depending on who you follow on Twitter, gives you the ability to get details from hot and coveted events that are invite only so make sure to check out our Top 10 Nightlife Personalities To Follow On Twitter.

    Rule #2: Subscribe To Your Favorite Companies Via Email We all hate to give out our email address, but sometimes it has its benefits. More and more companies reward their true fans through email, inviting them to exclusive store events, special discounts, and much more. Make sure to join our mailing list because it has been known to be life-changing. Free giveaways, the top parties of the night, and everything you need to know to impress that date of yours.

    Rule #3: Check For Deals The city can be pretty expensive, so make sure to check sites like Guilt City, Living Social, Groupon, Daily Candy for deals on hotspots around the city. Save a little, so that you can party like the 1%. Make sure to check out our guide on “How To Spend Like The 99% And Live Like The 1%” for more information on luxury deals.

    Rule #4: Check-in Almost ever cell phone these days allows you to “check-in.” Let your friends know where you’re. Maybe even attach a picture of the party scene while you’re at it.

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