New York City? There's An App For That

by Sophie Russell · November 3, 2011

    New York has 9 home-grown apps that allow a user to eat, sleep and breathe everything New York. Whether you want to find out where you can find store discounts, grab free condoms in an emergency (no judgment) or report problems on the roads, these apps are a must-have for any true New Yorker.

    So here's what you need to know:

    MiNY Discount

    Displays vendors who take part in the MiNY program

    Lists the best bargains they have to offer in NYC

    NYC 311

    Helps you report any damage you witness to the streets of NYC

    From graffiti to restaurant complaints- you can even use this app to find your phone when you inevitably leave it in the backseat of a cab

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    NYC City Hall

    Keeps you up to date with Mayor Bloomberg

    Fills you in on the happenings at City Hall

    NYC Condom

    Helps you find you access to free condoms, no matter what neighborhood you're in

    Again, no judgment

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    NYC Media

    For all things Media in NYC- from videos, to news, and food reviews

    NYC Stuff Exchange

    Think of it as eBay but just for New Yorkers...with a little charity involved

    Gives you options to buy, sell, donate or swap your wares across Gotham

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    The fun way to learn about recycling - it's like being back in kindergarten, minus the naps and lack of responsibility

    Play the game that everyone wins- including the environment! Learn what you can recycle, where and how.


    If you find yourself thirsty in New York - and in our sweltering summer temps, it's more than likely - use this app to locate a water fountain

    It's cheap, it's environmentally friendly, what more do you need to know?

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    You The Man

    The easy way to decide who will be designated driver (a spin-the-bottle method) *PUNS!*

    Calculates your blood alcohol level and calls you a cab if you've had a little too much

    Don't be surprised if you end up saying 'you the man' out loud to your smart phone after one too many cocktails

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