Snapbooking: A Guide To Capturing Your Special Moments And Sharing Them In a Digital World

by guestofaguest · December 5, 2011

    Almost every device these days come with a camera, allowing us to capture every special moment. That’s why we have laid out some guidelines as well as technology to help you capture and share your images digitally.

    Rule #1: Organize We all love to snap images, and with a growing collection it can get overwhelming sometimes. Make your life simpler by sorting your images into files like “21st Birthday,” “Thanksgiving 2011,” etc. as soon as you upload them.

    Rule #2: Manage and Edit When managing and editing your images make sure to check out our Photo Dating Guide for tips. We provide you with tips for highlighting your good side, removing the unwanted, improving the quality of the image and much more.

    Rule #3: Sharing With Friends And Family PC’s allow you to burn pictures to a CD or DVD, as well as create slide shows. Slideshows are great way to tell a visual story. Share them at weddings, family get together, birthdays, etc. Also, sites like Photobucket, flickr, Kodak gallery, and imgur, all allow you to easily share your images through email for free.

    Rule #4: Get Creative Piniterest and Instagram are two sites that allow you to get creative with the images you share. They allow you to organize and share the things you love in a fun way. Tumblr, is more of a blog but also a great way to share images with others. Tell a story with every image or let the image speak for its self.

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