The Blackberry Bold Looks Sexy

by Rachelle Hruska · May 13, 2008

    BlackberryGreat. I JUST got a Curve. This was, btw after days of moving back and forth between the iPhone and the Curve. I decided on the curve because I knew how to work it already and really just don't have time to figure out new technology...this is also why, even though my staff members give me grief, I will always be a PC girl, even though the much cooler Mac is what most techies use. Now that I finally made the decision to stick to the more conservative Blackberry Curve, RIM is unleashing the Blackberry Bold, their "newest, sexiest, boldest smartphone to date-set to be released at the end of June" [Racked]

    So photos have apparently been around since December of this new phone (obviously I've been living in a hole), but now that I FINALLY have blackberry messenger figured out on my Curve (thank you Theodore Cleary!), I will probably be holding on to it for at least 2 or 3 years. The second generation iPhone is due early will indeed be a War of the Sexy Smart Phones this summer.